Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit {Lioness}

Today is an exciting day for me! I will be assisting on my first ever pilot for Warner Brothers Studio!!! (A pilot is when they are pitching or airing a new tv show, they create a "pilot" episode or first episode of the season to air for the fall line up, in case you didn't know). So todays outfit had to be loose and casual enough to run around like a crazy person, but still functional. I'm very nervous and excited so wish me luck! :)

The belt I'm wearing I found at Wasteland on Melrose. It's vintage and reminded me of old school Versace. Don't you think? Either way I knew I needed it in my life! Sorry the picture quality isn't so great. It's a weird day outside so the lighting wasn't the greatest. 

Off to my day. Have a great one love bugs!

Jacket - Anthropologie
Top - Forever21
Skirt - Anthropologie (last seen here)
Belt - Vintage via Wasteland
Bag - Vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Sandals - Steve Madden
Feather earrings - Francesca's Collection
All other jewelry - Vintage

Stay Tuned!


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