Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anna Wintour The most powerful woman in fashion

Editor of Vogue since 1988, Wintour is involved in every detail of the magazine: the clothes, editing the pictures and articles. She is decisive, impatient and bears a look that says "I'm the boss, and you're boring." She is the one that can make a designer happen! If she likes you, then you’ll sure be the darling of the fashion world! She get bored of mediocrity, more than bored her, she get angry when she see a collection of a lazy designer or designers that take inspiration of other designers. She doesn’t criticized them, she just omit them from the magazine. She understand that A designer really needs to spend five or 10 years learning the craft, learning the business. “ Sometimes you can get someone who has become a huge star overnight, but it is so rare that that works. Sometimes a lack of understanding, a certain na├»vety about the business can be refreshing, but it so often doesn’t work. People can get carried away with what is new and young and different, but unless you are someone like Marc Jacobs, you should think long and hard. So many are struggling."
- "Now is not an easy time to start as a young designer — unless you are very special and dedicated, and not afraid of hard work."

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