Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Lady Gaga has the mayor visual impact ever! FASHION, MUSIC, PROVOCATION and INTERNET!
Lady Gaga is breaking records on every social media channel from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube. She made history when she became "the first living person to score 10 million fans on Facebook".
She is extremely talented and versatile entertainer.
She's meticulous about imagery. She changes 10 to 14 times in each video or concert. She understands the importance of image to get people attention and for that you have to change to keep been interesting! Packaging is important! And must be a good packaging, so she hires the best designers and has her own design team “Haus of GAGA”. She understands that her look is equal or more important than her music. We are talking about clothes that quite simply boggle the mind.

Are you willing to go beyond the usual conceptions?.

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